Buy It Low, Sell It For What It’s Worth

Some people have the misconception that the resale community is unfair, that the common practice is to by cheap items from the Goodwill and then jack the prices up to profit from people’s naivete.

In truth, the goal is to buy low and sell high. No company profited and stayed in business buying an item and selling it for the same price it was purchased for.

In truth, the resale community doesn’t set the prices they sell purchased items for. You the buyer sets the price. The practice of the reseller is to research their niche- products, their users/consumers, and frequency of purchase, and the prices people have purchased them for- because tracking sales trends is the only way to know what the reseller’s potential profit is on any given item.

In short, the resale group is a collection of watchers, recyclers, upcyclers who take existing merchandise, cleans it up with necessary elbow grease, and offers it to whoever needs it. That’s superhero work, if you ask me.

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