I don’t know if you’ve been watching the news, but if you woke up this morning, you can surely feel the “offness” of many things once considered “normal.” From the (dis)comfort of home to the (in)security of the workplace, most people move in rote with no concept of stepping off of the conveyor belt we’ve helped build and continue to repair even though it’s not moving anyone forward. We sway in the wind without paying attention to the fall. We, as a society, have gotten completely lost in a free-for-all jungle that doesn’t place moral rules or regulations based on principle on a pedestal.  

Moral, as in, what lesson have you derived from this life experience so far? Moral, as in, what is the caliber of your character? Moral, as in, what is or is not acceptable for YOU to do? By the standard definition of the word, morals are lost, and those wise enough to awaken to them start to develop the high principles and standards they choose to live by in order to actualize new thoughts. We’re too concerned with the judgment of others that we’ve stopped judging ourselves. There is a yardstick unique to each individual’s talents and abilities that they must build and hold themselves accountable for measuring up to. 

How do you build these morals? Accountability. Full and complete accountability. Ask yourself what you want. Then ask why you want it. If your wants include outside influence- media, friends, family, the dog- eliminate as much time with those influences for a while to learn yourself. Take as long as you need. This means turn the tv and radio off, put the magazine down, sit still, and think by yourself for many days, weeks, months, and even years if you need it. Once you eliminate the influence, you can take full ownership and accountability for your own thoughts. 


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